Curbside Pickup Procedures

  • Call the store a minimum of one hour in advance at (970) 945-1470, place your order and let us know when you’ll pick up your selections. Our well-informed staff will ask you a set of questions including credit card information. 
  • Please have a strong idea of what you wish to order, beer, wine, spirits, artisan meats and cheese, crackers, sweets, non-alcohol items, mixers, bitters etc
  • If you would like help selecting any beverage or food item, no problem!  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help guide you by asking a few questions such as; “what are you having for dinner”, “do you prefer light, medium, or richer, fuller-bodied wine/beer”, “how much were you thinking to spend” etc.  Communication will be very helpful in getting you the right items.
  • SOMETHING TO REMEMBER – as a Cooper Loyalty Member we can access your purchase history in case you forget the name of your favorite item!
  • Once your order has been completed, we will call your total.  At this time you can add or remove items from your order.  If you forget to order something, please do not wait to order it when you arrive, instead please call us. 
  • Call the store when you arrive at Cooper W&S and are ready to load your purchase.  You must be able to show valid ID.  You may pull up on the side our building on 8th, or at the front on Cooper.
  • For the sake of social distancing, we will only load orders in the rear of your vehicle.

Delivery Procedures


  • Call the store (970) 945-1470
  • $40 minimum
  • Same day orders must be placed by 2pm.
  • Delivery service includes Glenwood Springs and surrounding area:  West including Canyon Creek; East to No Name; North of 6th Street; 4-Mile Road including Oak Meadows; South including Cardiff Glen and Ironbridge (Westbank and Ironbridge deliveries on M-W-F only)
  • Customers, please have in mind what you wish to order.  Our knowledgeable staff will assist you.
  • Credit card information will be collected at the time of ordering.
  • Receipt will be emailed.
  • Cooper delivery person will call with an approximate delivery time.
  • Recipient MUST be home for delivery, even though there will be no close contact between driver and recipient. 
  • Valid PICTURE ID will be required.  NO EXPIRED ID such as expired passports will be accepted. The person receiving the order must match the ID.  The delivery person will log at the time of delivery the name and identification number, of the person receiving the delivery.
  • There will be no drop-offs! 
  • Delivery will not occur should the delivery person believe you are intoxicated.
  • Should no one be available, delivery will be returned to store and you will be charged a $20 restocking fee.

Different Times – Social Distancing

  • All exchanges – ID and exchange of product will happen at a distance of 6+ feet. Instructions will come with delivery phone call.