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Check out this incredible selection of new wines we’re very excited to share with you as we approach Spring.

  • Quintodemio Winery

The Quintodecimo winery is a production company of the highest level located in the green heart of Irpinia. The vineyard is certified organic, with crus planted with Aglianico, Fiano, Falanghina and Greco di Tufo. Each cru is cared for and interpreted in the best possible way, to give life to wines that are the full expression of Campania, but which at the same time have a production style similar to prestigious labels from Burgundy, where Luigi studied for several years. Each label is born as a true work of art from the perfect iteration between man, time, nature and territory, according to a combination developed step by step, thanks to decades of experience.

2020 Quintodecimo Via del Campo   Falanghina  (Campania / Irpinia –Italy)

Via del Campo perfectly expresses all the fruity and mineral character of Falanghina.  It is a cur obtained exclusively with grapes from a single Flanghina Vineyard located in the Irpinia zone of Campania.  It features bright gold en yellow tones and aromas rangine from notes of aple, pineapple, aromatic herbs and wildflowers to refined brackish and mineral tones.  The enveloping structure releases delicate mentholated and toasted sensations deriving form the short stay during fermentation in small oak barrels.  Immediately pleasing when young, it evolves into an even more complex bouquet with richer notes on the palate.

Regular Price $59.99 Cooper’s Price $42.99 LIMITED MIXED Case $34.99

  • Dunites Wine Company

The Dunites Wine Company was formed by Tyler and Rachel Eck, a husband-wife team who work with a number of wineries and wine growers in San Luis Obispo. Their small winery is named for the eclectic group of “free thinkers,” artists, poets, and nudists who settled in the coastal dunes in the 1930s. Rachel’s work with the growers includes many sustainable practices including biodynamics, and from her clients she brings grapes to her husband for vinification. The grapes are foot-stomped, and fermented on ambient yeasts, aged in neutral oak, and bottled without filtration or fining, with a minimum of sulfur dioxide. The winery name takes its inspiration from a Depression-era utopian community called the Dunites, a group of artists and bohemians who lived in the sand dunes around the town of Oceano including Alan Watts and Georgia O’Keeffe.

“Our goal is to produce pure and elegant wines that respect the coastal influence of vineyard sites located on the uplifted seafloor and ancient sand dunes of the SLO Coast.”

2022 Dunites Grenache

The Dunites Grenache is sourced from Zeferino Vineyard, in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains east of Arroyo Grande. The wine was fermented with 30% whole clusters, aged for eight months in neutral oak puncheons, and bottled unfined and unfiltered. In the glass, the wine has a transparent crimson color, with bright ruby flashes when swirled. Fresh wild raspberries, cracked peppercorns, red cherries, and dried rosemary emerge on the nose, followed by Provençal tapenade, hibiscus and baking spices. On the palate, the wine is juicy and succulent, with a core of dark blue and red berry fruit that echoes the nose, balanced by superfine sweet herb tannins and mouth-cleansing fresh fruit acidity.

Regular Price $36.99 Cooper’s Price $29.99 LIMITED MIXED Case $23.99 

  • Cristia Collective

Cotes de Provence Rose  (France)

Grape Composition: 60% Grenache, 35% Syrah, 5% Cinsault. As a general rule, Côtes de Provence rosés are made from the same grape varieties as red wines. The difference in color simply comes from a more or less long contact between the skin and the grape juice. Then, the grape varieties can be used on their own or in blends.

–  Grenache: found on dry soils, Grenache is one of the most cultivated grape varieties in the world. Coming from Spain, it adapts to stony soils and is not afraid of wind or drought. It gives generous and very structured wines, with a bouquet of red fruits and spicy aromas.

–   Syrah: a grape variety that offers rosé with a very colorful robe, hints of darker fruits and some peppery spice notes.

–   Cinsault: Cinsault produces fine wines with pale colors and fruity aromas adding softness and bouquet.

Cristia Rose is very pale color with salmon reflection. Fine elegant nose citrus notes, floral with notes of red berries on stone fruits. The attack is frank and fresh, which brings us to citrus notes. In the mouth we find aromas of flowers, and a saline finish that whets the appetite.

Cooper’s Price $15.99  MIXED Case $12.79

  • Precedent Wines

Nathan Kandler, the winemaker at Thomas Fogarty in the Santa Cruz Mountains, makes this wine under his own label-Precedent, where he focuses on out-of-the-way fruit sources. Nathan stands firmly by his belief that the winemaker’s ultimate mission is to translate the voice of the soil into the glass. But not all vineyards are created equal, and here enters Nathan’s keen eye for finding the magical combination of variety, climate and soil. In California’s case, he believes the most special sites are often found outside of the iconic regions (Napa, Russian River, etc.). For Precedent, his first independent effort (his day job is as Associate Winemaker at Thomas Fogarty) he has found 3 unique vineyards, marked by old vines planted on rocky and well drained soils. Native yeasts, whole cluster fermentations, minimal sulphur and the judicious use of well-seasoned, French oak are some of the techniques used.” 

2018 Precedent Zinfandel “Evangelho Vineyard” (Contra Costa County)

Evangelho Vineyard is totally unique site, another one of the truly great old vine vineyards in California—in fact, considered by some in the business as the gold standard for this type of old vine, own-rooted, Zinfandel-based field blend. Planted in 1890 in 30 feet of pure sand, this place is a sight to behold. The vineyard is a vitcultural survivor-surrounded by evidence of suburban sprawl encroaching on one of the last agricultural islands left in Contra Costa County.

Regular Price $29.99 Cooper’s Price $25.99 MIXED Case $20.39 

  • Kovacs Nimrod Wines of Hungary

As a student in a vocational training program in Communist Hungary, 1963, Nimrod Kovacs @ the age of 21, went on holiday, swam the gulf of Trieste living in refugee camps in Eastern Italy.  Over the course of several months he made his way across Europe eventually traveling to the United States, obtaining asylum. Through the fortuitous meeting with another Hungarian refugee, he landed in Denver, Colorado, where he took a job as a wait person at a prominent Denver Hotel, the place his passion for wine was created. He enrolled in the University of Colorado garnering a business degree, which has taken him through many successful careers. He is credited with launching cable television and HBO in his native Hungary and Eastern Europe.

After 35 years in the corporate world, with an avid interest in wine, Nimrod has returned to Hungary to found Kovacs Nimrod Winery. Kovacs wines are crafted in the picturesque town of Eger where wine production dates to nearly a millennia ago when French monks first toiled the mineral-rich, volcanic soil with the skills they pioneered in Burgundy. Today, in the land known as the “Burgundy of Hungary,” Nimrod and his winemaking team produce small batches of complex, terroir-driven wines, wedding traditional viticulture practices with modern technology to create some of the most elegant, drinkable, and lovable wines.

2020 Nimrod Kovacs “Sky” Furmint                                                                              

Furmint-One of the primary white grape varieties of Hungary. Incredibly versatile, Furmint has some similarities to Riesling – able to go from bone dry, crisp and vibrant all the way to intensely sweet, though always with its hallmark steely acidity. Furmint is famous as the key ingredient in the amazing sweet wines of Tokaj, but over recent years it has quietly been building a reputation as a variety to watch: with multiple claims for joining the ranks of great white grapes.

This is a remarkable wine from a one hectare vineyard located @ an elevation of 1184 feet above sea level.  Bright medium golden yellow, silver reflections. Candied orange zest, green apple, Meyer lemon, ripe quince, fine herbal savoriness, with notes of blossom honey underneath. Deep, emphatically mineral from limestone terroir, lively acidity, saline finish and somewhat nutty with good length.

Cooper Price $ 34.98

2019 Nimrod Kovacs “Blues” Kekfrankos                                                                                                                                                 

Kekfrankos- Central European variety whose origin is not entirely clear, despite boasting a wealth of exciting stories and legends. In Austria the grape is known as Blaufrankish, in Germany-Lemberg.

Deep ruby in color with aromas and flavors of plum, blueberries, red cherry, red currants, leather and dark chocolate combine a subtle spiciness and the unique minerality of the limestone terroir. Tannins are soft and silky.

Cooper Price $23.98

97% of wine produced in Hungary are consumed by Hungarians.