Here’s the awesome lineup for the evening!!


La Boutanche – Trollinger Rose 2021  – No Sulfur Added – ORGANIC

Trollinger (aka Schiava) from 4th generation winemaker Andi Knauss. He has 18 different plots in the hills of Strümpfelbach, southwest Germany. The La Boutanche series is a collaboration with Selection Massale to create affordable natural wines.

The Wine – 100% Trollinger rose from 6 different vineyards in the village Strümpfelbach.

Andi Knauss is the exploring cricket in the La Boutanche project. Each of the winemakers for this label get his/her own cartoon animal.

Taste – His Trollinger looks like a rose’, but it’s a light red that should be fully chilled. Crimson bright strawberries and raspberries and cherry jolly rancher. The perfect easy liter for when you want red but your thirsty. – Ely Cohn

Kevin’s Notes – The regular price for this wine is $26 – $27.99.  I bought this wine strictly on the referral of the sales for the wholesaler who I trust very much.  It’s OUTSTANDING! Cooper’s Price $19.99  Mix and Match 3 btls $17.99/btl

Pago del Vicario Blanco Tempranillo

The Wine – Blanco de Tempranillo is the result of the curiosity to know what the pulp, the heart, of our native grape can offer us: TEMPRANILLO.  How is a white wine obtained from red grapes? It is known by the French words “blanc de noir”.
We bring forward the harvest to pick this grape with its maximum expression of freshness and acidity. The result is a light, fresh, cheerful and simple wine, ideal for an aperitif and providing a refreshing citrus sensation combined with ripe fruit.

Kevin’s Notes – The answer is, “NO” – I have never tasted or seen a blanco Tempranillo, but I’m happy I have now.  The wine displays gorgeous pure fruit while showing off bright acidity.  It’s a riot in the mouth so join the Blanco Tempranillo revolution! Cooper’s Price $18.99  Mix and Match 3 btls $17.09/btl


Chiara Condello Sangiovese Predappio Tre Vigne 2021 –  ORGANIC/BIODYNMIC

Kevin’s Notes – I recently met an incredibly young inspirational winemaker and vineyard owner from the Italian state, Emillia Romagna.  Her name is Chiara Condello, and we shared some stunning Sangiovese wines at very reasonable prices. I was left stunned. I never knew Sangiovese, the grape used to make Chianti in Tuscany. Her Sangiovese is on a completely different trajectory as the grapes are smaller with more skin contact.  I cannot wait for you to taste this wine. I gave this wine a 9++!

Notes from Chiara – “I have chosen a little piece of land close to a forest, in the heart of the appellation Predappio, in between 150 and 300 meters above sea level. Here the vines are deeply rooted in a poor calcareous-clay soil which is rich in pliocenic sandstones called Spungone. Here 3 million years ago there was a sea, and from here I started working to produce a wine that is the expression of this uniqueness.”

History and Education – Predappio is a village settled between the mountains and sea.  This unique geography provides large temperature swings with the aid of high winds.  This wine spends 2 years in oak and one year in cement.

Cooper’s Price $21.99  Mix and Match 3 btls $17.99/btl   

Paysan Cabernet 2021; 91% Cab Sauv; 6% Petite Verdot; 3% Cab Pfeffer

Location:  Cab Sauv is sourced from three vineyards:  the 60-year-olf Brigantino Vineyard originally planted for Almaden, the 45-year-old Wheeler Ranch growing in calcareous alluvial deposits over the San Benito Arroyo, and the 75-year-old Tres Pinos Creek  Vineyard in silty alluvial deposits.  All of our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards are either practicing organic certified organic, or in the process of converting to organic farming.  This is a Cabernet Sauvignon off old vineyards planted with old massale/clonal selections on old school rootstocks (St. George and AXR-1) made in a style reflective of the classic California cabernets of the 1970s.

Tasting Notes:  The nose presents a complex bouquet of graphite-dusted black plum and California chaparral after rain.  The dark black plum leads the attack on the palate and quickly evolves into brighter cherry notes reminiscent of fine kirsch.

Cooper’s Price $25.99 Mix and Match 3 btls $23.39/btl