Ronco delle Betulle Ribolla Gialla, Friuli, Italy 2020

The Winery – As early as 1068 the Augustinian monks first, and later the Benedictines and Dominicans, understood the generous essence of the hills surrounding the Abbey and introduced the cultivation of vines and olives.  In 1967 Giovanbattista Adami bought a small farm in Rosazzo; with passion for the land and respect for tradition he laid the foundations of today’s Ronco delle Betulle.

Winemaking – Ronco Delle Betulle Friuli Colli Orientali Ribolla Gialla is a wine aged 5-6 months 90% in steel and 10% in oak barrels for a few months in bottles. Wine to combine with fish, aperitif, vegetable soups, vegetables.

The Grape and Taste – Ribolla is a white wine grape variety that is widely planted in the northeastern Italian province of Friuli. It can be found in neighboring Slovenia, where it is known as Rebula.

The wines are often characterized by their firm acidity, peach, citrus and apple notes, and a faint floral aromatic profile.  Kevin – This will surprise you.

Price $18.99 – Mix & Match 3 btls $17.10

Alfred Graf Riesling Spatlese Mosel Erdener Treppchen 2018

Winery and Vineyards – The famous Erdener Treppchen Vineyard rests across the Mosel river from the small town of Erden, from which it takes the first part of its name.  Treppchen means little staircase in German.  Steep slopes are a common vineyard feature in the Mosel valley, as are stone steps and other engineering feats developed to make wine growing a little easier here.  The Erden stairs were originally built in the Middle Ages, though the vineyard has been worked since at least the 3rd century.

The story behind the Erdener Treppchen name is fun and interesting, but the vineyard earned its fame by consistently producing some of the most delicious, memorable Rieslings in the world.

Kevin’s Notes – Over time, I’ve been asked, “What’s your favorite white wine/grape  Many times, my answer has been Riesling as it can be the driest wine and the sweetest wine in the world and it pairs well with more food options than other whites.  This an incredible white wine!  Price $19.99 – Mix & Match 3 btls $17.99

Domaine de Couron Cotes du Rhone Villages           

The Dorthe family has been wine growers since 1860, sold their grapes to both Chapoutier and later to Etienne Guigal until 1998, and started their Domaine in 1982. They farm using organic techniques of Lutte Raisonnée since 1993, naturally following centuries without ever using herbicides. The vines are close-spaced at 1 meter along each row in each of their rocky, terraced hillside vineyards.

Estate Winery: A truly family-run winery, Jean Luc has personally done all the winemaking and growing work until bringing in an assistant to help with pruning and weeding in 2006. Their marketing department is the kitchen table. Until visiting the US on a wine trip in 2001, Jean-Luc had never left his village of 1000 residents.

Taste: The wine 50% Grenache, 30% Mourvedre, and 20% Syrah.  Elegant, but full bodied, offering complex aromas and flavors of layered blueberry, plum, cherry and minerals, with spice on a very long finish. Price $16.99 – Mix & Match 3 btls $15.29

Clos Marfisi Patrimonio Les Nuits Rouges Corsica Sangiovese 2020

If you aren’t familiar with Corsica, the main event is Patrimonio. This AOC region covers 400ha (100 acres) with half of them being owned by the two large producers, and the other half split up amongst 30 smaller growers. If you haven’t already guessed, Clos Marfisi is part of the latter.

Brother and sister, Mathieu and Julie are fifth generation at the helm of this estate.

Clos Marfisi’s vineyards were planted about 40-50 years ago as rise up from the Mediterranean with southern and western exposures on steep slopes that are practically white with large chunks of broken up limestone.

The Grape and the Wine- This is entirely Niellucciu and it is a red wine grape variety that is widely planted on Corsica.  The grapes are Carbonic macerated for 8 months in stainless steel.

Kevin’s Notes – This wine as well as several others we have been featuring on our barrel comes from an terrific new importer called “Selection Massale”  Their wines are fresh vibrant and always organic or biodynamic.  I can’t wait for you try this amazing wine.  Price $29.99 – Mix & Match 3 btls $26.99