Whiskey Tasting~This Saturday May 14

Law’s Secale Straight Barrel Select Rye 100 proof –

A few years ago, the Gaylord Hotel Group built a large facility near the Denver Airport.  The site is designed to accommodate huge conventions with numerous outlets for food and beverage.  With is in mind, they reached out to Laws Whiskey House to hand select specific whiskey barrels of Bourbon and Rye from the Laws warehouse.  Unfortunately, COVID hit and large conventions were cancelled.  After a few years, it became clear the Gaylord would not need their commitment to purchase the barrels.  Consequently, Cooper Wine and Spirits was offered an opportunity to buy much so we did. We sold out of the bourbon in February and now we only have about 30 bottles left of this amazing rye.

Personally, I prefer the Rye over the bourbon as it carries rich spice and coco notes with little heat for 100 proof.  Love it!

Cooper’s Price $49.98


Barrell Rye Finished in Martinque Rum, Madeira & Apricot Brandy Barrels 119.3 proof

Two Time Double Gold San Francisco Whisky Festival, Twice Fred Minnick TOP 3 Whisky of the Year


A basket brimming with tropical and orchard fruits lies at the heart of this juicy whiskey, with prominent tones of ripe apricot from the brandy casks. The tropical notes are kept in check by a broad array of spicy and herbaceous rye aromas and complemented by the delicate florals of grassy, Martinique Rhum. With a splash of water, the oxidized Madeira notes emerge, candying the fruit and bringing out an earthiness on the palate.  Cooper’s Price $89.98

Old Forester 1910 Bourbon 93 proof

In 1910, a fire on the bottling line halted the production of Old Forester. Mature whisky that was ready to be bottled, was instead was transferred and stored in a secondary barrel. What emerged from that second barrel was a delightful whisky, remarkable enough to become an entirely new expression – Old Fine Whisky. Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky, presented at 93 Proof, mimics this historical bottling with a small batch of barrels that have undergone a second barreling resulting in a smooth mingling of buttercream, sticky toffee and evolving spice that leads into a refined, charred oak finish.

Cooper’s Price $59.99

Old Forester 1920 Bourbon 115 proof

In 1920, Prohibition began prohibiting the production, transport and sale of alcohol. However, Old Forester was one of six distilleries to receive a permit to continue selling Old Forester for medicinal purposes. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style, presented at 115 Proof, is a small batch of barrels representing a barrel sample that would have been batched at the beginning of Prohibition, resulting in a woodsy and warm Bourbon.  Cooper’s Price $64.99