Jolie Laide, Trousseau Gris

Fanucchi-Wood Road Vineyard Russian River Valley 2019

Jolie-Laide is a one-man operation based in a Sebastopol winery. Winemaker Scott Schultz makes only 500 cases of wine a year under his own label between roughly 6-8 wines. The name Jolie-Laide translates loosely to “Pretty-Ugly”, a French term of endearment to describe something that is unconventionally beautiful. Scott makes some of the most unique and highly sought-after wines in California that are true to their name.

Winemaker Notes

These rare, near extinct vines produce unique yet fascinating fruit. In turn, the wines made from them are equally beguiling. Some skin contact lends an incandescent, roseate hue, breadth of palate and subtle tannin.

Winemaker Tasting Notes

A veritable high wire act; light and pretty, wildly floral yet savory with a visceral depth. It may not fit into a conventional category, making it seem a bit unfamiliar at first but continues to surprise and delight. An inebriating blend of wild pomelo, summer melon, stone fruit, white tea and sweet earth all weave with finessed length and elegant palate presence.

Kevin’s Notes

Two years ago, we put this wine into one of our weekend tastings.  I remember thinking, “I really hope my customers love this wine as much as do, but then will they buy it?  I mean who’s ever heard of Trousseau Gris and are they going to be willing to spend $30 for it?” You know what happened, we completely sold out of three cases mid-way through Saturday’s tasting!  Later, I called the wholesaler, Paul Stroud, and he spoke with winemaker Scott Schultz and he shipped another 5 cases to Colorado for our store and we sold out of it quickly last year.

Recently, I just got my three case allocation of the 2019.  I’ve tasted this wine and I think it’s the best yet.  This allocation should disappear quickly so feel free to call us to reserve an order for this wine.

Cooper’s Price $28.99 – suggestion;  add a bottle or two to your 12 bottle case and save 20%!