1. Angel’s Envy Port Finish Bourbon

Cooper’s Price $49.98 

Created by Lincoln Henderson, the former master distiller at Brown-Forman (Old Forester), and creator of Woodford Reserve. Henderson is a legend in the industry with over 40 years experience to bring to the table.

The mash bill of Angel’s Envy is made up of 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley. All of the grain is locally sourced and non-GMO. This bourbon is finished in used 60-gallon ruby port barrels made from French oak and imported directly from Portugal; a process which takes three to six months, depending on taste.

Nose: Soft, gentle, and with aromas of warm caramels, maple candy, satsumas, brown sugar, and praline, the bouquet is a study in subtle complexities.

Palate: Rich mouthfeel. The effect of the port barrel finish is evident in the sophistication and complexity of flavors. Everything is perfectly balanced and the port doesn’t overwhelm the natural bourbon flavors but instead perfectly complements it. Vanilla bundt cake, cinnamon, mint, and orange flavors abound with a burnt sugar undertone and solid oak notes.

Finish: The port influence is most evident here, providing solid flavors of walnut and oak, orange marmalade, fresh mint, and Seville orange. It’s a long, lingering, and utterly delicious finish.

2. Barrell Craft Spirits 15yr Cask Strength Bourbon

Cooper’s Price $229.98

Barrell Craft Spirits, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is an independent blender and bottler whiskey and rum, recognized for its blending expertise. The goal is to select and blend products that explore different distillation methods, barrels, and aging environments, and bottle them at cask strength. Every batch is produced as a limited release and has an intentionally distinct flavor profile. A blend of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana whiskies.

Nose: The central theme is pie, particularly Boston cream and pecan. Armagnac and fig jam lend a dense, dark fruitiness. Herbal notes constantly fade in and out, and ranges between sweet and savory.

Palate: Medium bodied. The oak makes its presence known first, woodsy with notes of coconut meat and vanilla. Sweeter elements include chocolate and honeycomb, tempered by dry spice, black coffee and spearmint.

Finish: Quite intense, with bold notes of campfire, black coffee and cocoa powder. Grows gentler as it fades, revealing s’mores, ground clove, and fruity bursts of maraschino liqueur and black cherry.

With a splash of water: Water brightens the fruit, bringing out chocolate dipped, candied grapefruit peel. The palate grows rich and creamy, tasting of roasted chestnut and rice pudding.

3. Colorado Gold Rocky Mountain Rye

Cooper’s Price $39.99

Colorado Gold Distillery is the passion of owner Peter Caciola. Although, he lives in Austin, TX with his wife Tammy and two sons, he uses his love of aviation to be at the distillery constantly.

Peter’s passion is the spark that drives us, and his background in business provides us the insight and experience to continue grow our brand. Mike Almy is the head distiller and the Director of Production. He is a graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Economics and Supply Chain management. Together, they source nearly all of their ingredients locally, including corn from the Western Slope.

Colorado Gold Rocky Mountain Rye Whiskey uses a grain bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley; a classic Pennsylvania style rye recipe that celebrates the spicy, dry grain. It’s a younger whiskey aged for 2 years in small, fresh-charred oak and finished with honeycomb staves. (What the hell is a honeycomb stave?)

Profile: Toffee and spice permeate the nose with coriander, orange peel, and some pumpkin spice. On the palate there is fresh mint, toffee, cinnamon, and slight butterscotch. The finish is an array of mint and toffee with a slight smoky oak.

4. Aberlour 12yr Double Wood Sherry Cask Single Malt

 Cooper’s Price $64.99

Aberlour is every inch a classic Speyside Whisky with a fruit forward character and a strong Sherry cask influence. In fact, all of their single malts are either aged exclusively in Oloroso Sherry casks or a combination of Sherry and ex-Bourbon casks. Aberlour is one of the best-value Speyside malts around. This double matured version is a mix of traditional oak and sherry casks and is rich and fruity with delicious Christmas cake notes.

Nose: This is slow to get going whisky, but once it has an opportunity to sit in the glass for just a minute, it really opens up. Buttery cinnamon toast, concentrated raisin in the background, astringent woody touches, cherry, and fruit cake

Palate: Brown butter and burnt sugar, raisins and fruitcake continue here, with nutmeg, honey, orange peels, and slight hints of cooked apples. 

Finish: Medium length. Not overly sweet, with subtle fruitiness. A touch of cloves persists to the end.