Here is our latest podcast with Italian winemaker Matteo Giribaldi.

Notes from the podcast:

About the Winery
wineryGiribaldi Winery Started in the year 1920 as a small farm. The entire Garibaldi family is involved with the day to day operation of the winery. The Giribaldi family can trace their ancestry to Giuseppe Garibaldia very famous an influential Italian revolutionary in the 1800s. Garibaldi was a central figure in the Italian Unification, otherwise known as Risorgimento
About the Winemaker
matteoMatteo Giribaldi is the 4th generation winemaker for the winery. The winery is located in Piedmont, prestigious wine country in northwestern Italy. Matteo explains that he is first and foremost a farmer. It is the grape that makes the wine, therefore wine is made in the vineyard. This is the same for wine grown anywhere in the world.
Making Wine In Italy
800px-Close_up_of_Nebbiolo_cluster_in_ItalyBoth the Barolo and Barbaresco wines produced in Piedmont are made with the grape Nebbiolo. The real difference between the two is the soil in which the Nebbiolo grapes are grown. Irrigation is not allowed in Barolo country because the vines have very deep roots. One single vine of about 50 years old can have roots that go down up to 300 feet.
Barolo and Barbaresco
2010 and 2011 are considered excellent vintages for Barolo and Barbaresco. In
terms of Climate, 2010 was an ideal year for growing the Nebbiolo grape. 2015 was also considered a great vintage, and is one to watch for in the next 4 years.
 There is so much more information to learn in this podcast, don’t forget to listen!

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