Colli di Catone Frascati Superiore

Antonio Pulcini’s estate was known for its wines at the time of the Roman Empire. He has quietly championed the ancient Malvasia Puntinata (a/k/a Malvasia del Lazio) and Grechetto – varieties almost lost to the onslaught of Trebbiano and Malvasia di Candia. Pulcini prunes his vines to produce tiny crops – to develop the concentrated fruit he believes is necessary for truly age worthy wines.

Wine Education – Lazio is known as the ancient homeland of the Latins, today there is a vigorus wine industry beyond the city limits of modern, bustling Rome. Lazio’s most famous white wine, called Frascati.

Wine Critic Review – Wilfred Wong of The Colli di Catone Frascati Superiore is a standout wine. TASTING NOTES: This wine exhibits attractive and alluring aromas and flavors of ripe peach skin, spice, hazelnut, and a mineral note. Enjoy it with lightly-seasoned, pan-fried crab cakes.  

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Domaine de Montbourgeau l’Etoile 2018

Jura and l’Etoile Wine Regions – Jura is petite and relatively obscure wine region in eastern France, between Burgundy and the Swiss border.  L’Étoile is an appellation and village of the Jura region of eastern France.  L’Étoile wine is produced in very small quantities from 185 acres of vineyards around the village of the same name. As a result, it is rarely seen outside France.

The name l’Etoile means “the star” in French and is reputed to be a reference to the star-shaped fossils that make up a visibly high proportion of the local limestone-rich soils. Coincidentally, the five hills that surround the village also bear a resemblance to the five points of a star, suggesting another possible origin for the name.

Wine Notes from the Winery –

Kevin’s Notes – Welcome to one of the most interesting wine regions in the world, Jura.  I’ve been wanting to taste a Jura white for quite some time, however I’ve been hesitant to do so as the wines are anything BUT ORDINARY!

This wine is 95% Chardonnay and 5% Savignon, not to be confused with Sauvignon.  The wine is vinified in steel, but aged in well-used barrels with no topping up, it is bottled two years after harvest—enough time to display oxidative influence but not long enough to develop full-on “voile” (a hazy “veil’) character.  VERY LIMITED!

This wine is EXTREMELY complex with aromas and flavors of citrus rind, apple cider, and roasted hazelnuts with racy minerality on the finish.  It’s a riot in the mouth!

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 La Quercia Montepulciano Di Abruzzo

The Region and Grape – Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is one of Italy’s most famous wines, and can be found on wine store shelves all around the world. This classic, well-rounded, plum-scented Italian red is made from Montepulciano grapes grown in the Abruzzo region, on Italy’s Adriatic coast. It is quite distinct from Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, which is a Sangiovese-based wine from Tuscany.

The Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC title was created in 1968, and covers a vast area of eastern Abruzzo.

Important Wine EducationWhat does it mean when DOC is mentioned about a wine???

DOC Laws – Denominazione di Origine Controllata – were created in 1963 in Italy and the DOC governs:

*The geographical limits of wine regions, *The grape varieties that can be used, *The percentage of each grape used to make specific wines, *The maximum production per acre, *The minimum amount of alcohol content, *The specific minimum aging requirements, such as how long a wine must spend in wood and/or bottle, for certain wines.  Cooper’s Price $12.99 Mix and Match 3 btls 11.79

Tamber Bey Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Winery Notes – Vibrant and medium-to full-bodied, with the dark ruby/magenta hue maintaining its depth of color to the rim. The color is reminiscent of dark Bing cherry. The aroma delivers layers of dark cherry, plum, dried herbs, licorice, and dusty earth. Flavors sing notes of rhubarb, black cherry jam, blueberry, light plum, leather, tobacco, and mincemeat. The texture is supple and approachable. The finish is a smooth and well-balanced, with medium acidity and tannins.

Kevin’s Notes – I bought this wonderful Cabernet because it is ready to drink right now.  It sees very little oak which allows you to taste the true qualities of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape.

Special Tasting Price – $29.99 vs $34.99   Mix and Match 3 btls $26.99