Doc Swinson’s Whiskies Are Here!

We’ve been waiting for the arrival of Doc Swinson Whiskies for over two years and they finally arrived!

Fortunately, we have a very loyal base of whiskey customers willing to shop local whenever possible, so I secured as much as possible.

To show our appreciation to our customers, we are offering special introductory prices.

I am asking to please limit yourself to one bottle of each until March 13.


Doc Swinson’s Straight Rye Whiskey Finished in Rum Casks

Doc Swinson’s Alter Ego Rye starts as a proprietary blend of Indiana straight rye whiskeys with mashbill between 51 and 95% rye, aged up to six years in American white oak.  The whiskey is then finished in ex-Caribbean rum cask using the old world Solero method of only bottling a portion of the oldest barrels.  From what I’ve read online, the common comparison is Angel’s Envy Rye at $90.  Past Double Gold Winner – San Francisco World’s Spirit Competition 2019.

Cooper’s Intro Price $39.98


Doc Swinson’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Sherry and Cognac Casks

“Using a blend of two straight bourbons distilled at MGP in Indiana, Doc’s has crafted this deftly balanced bourbon to revival any of the new bourbon brands on the market today. The two bourbons are each aged 5-6 years in new charred American oak before being blended and finished in three specially selected casks types. Using two distinct types of Sherry Butts PX & Oloroso and fresh Cognac Puncheons the bourbons are rested for an additional 3 months before being blended and married for another month in Cognac foeders. The Sherry Butts come from Montilla-Moriles Spain where their Sherry Solera Pyramids date back to the 1920’s, on a dry oxidized style Oloroso, the other a rich tangy sweet Pedro Ximinez (PX) style.” K&L Past Double Gold Winner – San Francisco World’s Spirit Competition

Cooper’s Intro Price $57.98


Doc Swinson’s Exploratory Cask Release #11 Kentucky 15yr Bourbon 107.2 proof

I have not found any information on Release #11 except this is a VERY small bottling.  They only made 1890 bottles from this batch compared to the normal 3-4,000 bottles.  Please feel free to go online and read the reviews from K&L for Release #9.  This is the oldest release review I could find.  I have not tasted this whiskey at this time.  It just arrived yesterday and I bought all I could buy based on reputation and past reviews.

Cooper’s Intro Price $149.98