Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

1. Casey Cameo IPA – 6.8% ABV

A Hazy IPA made with Nelson and Motueka hops. Starts with a hit of resiny pine that quickly gives way to a pillowy soft, sweet fruit party. Dank and tropical. Come get you some!!

Cooper’s Price – $6.99 (500ml bottle)

2. Prairie All Ya’ll, Hazy Double IPA – 8.8% ABV

Bringing “All Y’all” together for our collaboration with American Solera.
For this DIPA we picked a mix of our favorite juicy and tropical hops that we’ve brewed with over the years. This combo hits all the right spots. Orange, pineapple and passion fruit dominate the flavor and aroma.

Cooper’s Price – $11.99 (4pk)

3. Short’s Brew Hopstache – 6.8% ABV

Hopstache is an American IPA brewed with real grapefruit zest. Made with Amarillo, Citra, and Simcoe hops, this beer has aromas of dank citrus and pine. An initial sweetness is balanced with flavors of grapefruit and zest. The finish is intense and dank with little bitterness.

Cooper’s Price – $13.99 (6pk)

4. Crooked Stave Gucci Mango Wheat Ale – 5.2% ABV

A Wheat Ale dry hopped with Sabro and Huell Melon Hops. This Wheat Ale is a twist on a classic American style. Perfect for the sunshine, super crisp and refreshing!

Cooper’s Price – $14.99 (4pk)

5. Crooked Stave Mandarin Dream IPA – 5.2% ABV

An India Pale Ale Brewed with Mandarin Citrus and Vanilla. Double Dry Hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Citra. Crooked Stave’s newest hazy/juicy IPA! We paired Mandarin citrus, citrus forward hops, and a kiss of vanilla to create an orange creamsicle-esque IPA.

Cooper’s Price – $13.99 (6pk)

6. Oxbow Grizacca Hoppy Farmhouse – 5% ABV

A farmhouse ale brewed with spelt, and dry-hopped with Azacca hops. Aromas of sweet melon, orange flesh, funky grass, hints of lemon peel and pine. Taste is like a mildly hoppy seltzer water with a bit of grassy funk, and a slight peachy sweetness on the finish. A delightfully light and bright farmhouse treat. Perfect for a warm spring day in the sun.

Cooper’s Price – $11.99 (4pk)

7. Abomination Bro Beer Session IPA – 4.7% ABV

Extremely crushable New england session IPA brewed with flaked wheats, and oats. Gently dry hopped with 100% galaxy hops! Juicy, tropical and hazy! The perfect beer to crack open with your bro’s!

Cooper’s Price – $14.99 (4pk)

8. Abomination Urayuli Dry Hopped Pale Ale – 6.3% ABV

Hopped with Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic. The Urayuli. Peaceful counterpart to it’s southeast cousin, Urayulis Stands nearly 10 feet tall with arms down to their ankles, covered in a thick fur. the easiest way to spot them is by their luminescent eyes. Unlike some yeti species, the Urayuli is said to be peaceful.

Cooper’s Price – $16.99 (4pk)

9. Abomination Creatures Revenge IPA – 7% ABV

Brewed with flaked oats and unmalted wheat. Deep expressions of pine, earth, and forest berries. Given our standard water treatment for a nice smooth mouthfeel that will make you say, “f*** this stupid railing!

Cooper’s Price – $4.99 (SINGLE CAN)

10. Outer Range Blocks of Light IPA – 6.2% ABV

Hops: Mosaic, Galaxy

This hazy IPA is a tropical juice bomb! Notes of mango, papaya, and pineapple. Impeccably soft and pillowy mouthfeel.

Cooper’s Price – $15.99

11. Outer Range Pastels IPA – 6.3% ABV

Hops: Motueka, Citra, El Dorado, Mosaic⁣

A full bodied hazy IPA. Bright, citrusy, with pronounced floral aromas. Smooth and creamy, showing huge tangerine notes.

Cooper’s Price – $15.99

12. Outer Range DDH Steezy IPA – 7.2% ABV

Hops: Nelson. Mosaic. Wai-iti.

This IPA has characters of white grape, stone fruits, followed with bright tropical fruits from the Wai-iti hop additions. Slight resin finish and a velvety rich mouthfeel.

Cooper’s Price – $17.99

13. Outer Range Jerry Juice Hoppy Pilsner – 5.5% ABV

Hops: Mosaic, Hallertau Mittelfruh

A crushable and hoppy pilsner. Mosaic hops bringing in complex but clean flavors of citrus and stone fruit, accompanied by Hallertau Mittlefruh adding in a floral and dry finish. This pilsner is perfectly balanced for any palate. Let the Jerry Juice fuel your day!

Cooper’s Price – $13.99

14. Jackie O’s Chomolungma Honey Nut Brown Ale – 6.5% ABV

This brown ale was brewed to commemorate the Lungevity Everest Expedition. Brian Oestrike the brother of Jackie O’s owner Art, summited the unforgiving mountain on May 22nd, 2007. The people of Tibet call Mt. Everest “Chomolungma” this exceptional ale carries on the spirit of the climb. 8 Malts, 2 hops, and twenty pounds of wildflower honey give this ale an exceptional character. Baked muffins, dark fruit, bittersweet chocolate, rich honey and earthy subtle hops caress the palate. Booze soaked chocolate raisins round out the warm finish.

Cooper’s Price – $12.99 (6pk)

15. Jackie O’s Who Cooks For You DDH Hazy Pale Ale – 5% ABV

Brewed and double dry hopped with over 3 lbs per barrel of both Cryo hop powder and hop pellets that were hand selected in Yakima, WA. This little number is full of bright aromas and flavors of mango, watermelon, and lemon. A subtle sweetness and soft bitterness will round out this fruit forward, low ABV creation.

*** BACK IN STOCK! *** Cooper’s Price – $14.99 (6pk)

16. Fat Orange Cat Remove the Beer From the Bottom of the Ocean IPA – 7.5% ABV

EUREKA and MOSAIC hops create a complex cornucopia of stone fruit and berry flavors but also very earthy and dank.

Cooper’s Price – $12.99 (4pk)

17. Public Access Outer Reality Hazy IPA – 7.5% ABV

Brewed with flaked oats & wheat. double dry-hopped IPA w/ Columbus, Mosaic, El Dorado Simcoe & Comet. The lack of descriptions with Public Access are intentional. They want you to form your own reality, inner or outer. Enjoy!

Cooper’s Price – $5.49 (SINGLE CAN)

18. Public Access Suspended Disbelief Hazy DIPA – 8% ABV

Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA w/ Citra, El Dorado & Simcoe hops. Pours hazy AF with huge tropical notes. This is some good stuff.

Cooper’s Price – $5.49 (SINGLE CAN)