Friday, January 31st & Saturday, February 1st, 2020

1. Col di Luna Flora Prosecco

Cooper’s Price $14.99

FUSO is our project to search for and bottle the best of Italy’s groovy daily drinkers – the wines you’d find in a memorable local trattoria or wine bar.

Italians have a long DIY tradition of filling up big glass jug from their favorite producer and storing it in the garage or cellar, to siphon off a bottle or carafe when needed for lunch or dinner. Real producers on label, native grapes (no Cabernet filler), low sulphur, practicing organic or certified organic, and native yeasts except for our sparkling Prosecco Flora. No tank farms or shitty industrial wines.

Flora is the Prosecco made by the family winery Col di Luna, in the pre-Dolomites of Vittorio Veneto. 100% Glera from 10-30 year old vines. The vineyards are practicing organic and moving towards certified organic. This a Brut Nature Prosecco, bone-dry, with flavors of mountain wildflowers and honeysuckle mixed with wild tart apples. The crown cap closure is the best there is to keep the wine fresh and fizzy; it’s actually more ideal than the classic cage and cork. It is also quick to open and enjoy.

2. Terraplén Viura

Cooper’s Price: $11.99

Terraplén is a small project from Terra Nostra Vinos, with wines that represent the terroirs and climates of this diverse region: clay, limestone, marl, and loam; Atlantic, Continental, and Mediterranean. The result is fun, affordable wine that reflects this unique crossroads of Spain’s geography.

100% Viura from Navarra, in northeastern Spain. The vinification begins with maceration before pressing, then fermentation in stainless-steel tanks, with a daily control of the temperature, density and sensorial analysis. The wine is stored in concrete tanks for 3 months until bottling. 

Pale yellow with greenish hues. Elegant and varietal. Fruity aromas mainly of tropical nature combined with floral hints. Sweet entrance, followed by a balanced acidity. In the aftertaste we find again the aromas previously perceptible in the nose.

3. Scribe Winery St. Laurent

Cooper’s Price $29.99

 The Scribe Winery tale begins with a charming young entrepreneur named Andrew Mariani and a storied piece of land located about three miles east of the Sonoma town square.

Scribe founder Andrew Mariani and his brother Adam grew up in a farming family, and they believe themselves to be scribes of their land, with the winery a result of their labor. One of their primary goals is to help revive their property, while making sure not to overpower nature’s patterns in the process. This goal is embodied in what they call “Forever Wild Farming,” which works to integrate their harvest into the existing ecosystem of the land. 

They banned the use of chemicals on the property and instead solely participate in natural methods of vinification, increasing the biodiversity of their land by encouraging natural species to thrive alongside the vines. Andrew reiterates that the outcome of these choices includes wines that are faithful representations of their origins and a sustainable model that enriches rather than depletes the land.

2018 marked Scribe’s fourth year working with the Ricci Vineyard in the rolling hills of Los Carneros. In 2001, Dale Ricci planted this unique vineyard of the native Austrian St. Laurent on loam and alluvial clay. St. Laurent is one of the most widely planted grapes in middle Europe and has achieved success alongside Pinot Noir in the region. The grapes were native yeast fermented in stainless steel and concrete with 50% whole cluster and inclusion. 

“Bordering between the fringes of a Burgundy and Rhone Varietal, St. Laurent could best be described as Pinot Noir with sultry underpinnings.” — Dale Ricci, Ricci Vineyards

4. Castello di Bossi Chianti Classico

Cooper’s Price $19.99

The winemaking revolution which in the last few years has taken place in Chianti Classico and in Tuscan winemaking in general could hardly have left untouched as well a historic winery estate such as Castello di Bossi. With a history dating back to the 9th century AD, the Castello di Bossi estate has evolved with the times. A dynamic team leads the estate and never shies from technological innovation, while remaining true to the terroir of Chianti. For owner Marco Bacci, success is in the details, from vineyard to bottle. 

Made from 100% Sangiovese, grown in soils with high chalk content, this wine shows just how good this varietal can taste. The wine shows a deep, luminous ruby color. On the nose, sweet, toasty notes of oak enhance the fruit, with marked nuances of ripe cherry refined by elegant scents of violets. On entry, the wine immediately demonstrates its superb, full-structured character with sweet tobacco, and red cherry fruit laced together in this silky, midweight offering. Hints of sage and underbrush develop later. An intensely savory finish.


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