Suerte Tequila

Suerteis the brainchild of Co-Founders Laurence Spiewak and Lance Sokol.  Lance from Mexico City and Laurence from Philadelphia first met one another in Boulder, CO and quickly realized they shared the same passion for great tequila.  They often discussed the idea of creating their own tequila house, but this did not happen until Lance met and tasted the tequilas from Master Distiller Perdro Hernandez.

Pedro is from highlands of Jalisco.  He was an attorney until he decide to make tequila from blue Weber agave grown on his family’s property.  He spent six years making tequila in the traditional manner by slow roasting the pinas and crushing it with a Tahona (a large wheel constructed of stone).  

In 2010, Suerte – the Lucky Rabbit – began distillation and two years later it was released to the market.  After many years, Lance and Laurence completed their goal:  produce a traditional tequila with the purest essence of Blue Weber agave with a clean, modern package that will be affordable to many!

How Suerte Tequila is Made

  1. The Harvest – The Blue Weber agave plants are harvested after 8 years of growing slowly to the size of 200 pounds with a leaf and heart span of up to 16 ft!!!
  1. The Oven Roasting – “We welcome piñas by the truckload into our distillery and begin the process of splitting and stacking them in our brick oven. We slow roast the piñas for 52 hours, four times longer than the industry standard, to bring out the fullest agave expression.”
  1. The Crushing  – “It’s the way we roll that sets our tequila apart. Being 100% Tahona means every piña from the oven gets crushed under a two-ton stone, slowly and repetitively, for 16 hours to release all the juices. Others use shredders to process the piñas.”
  1. The Fermentation – “The juice from the crushed piñas is mixed with pure spring water creating “Mosto”. Along with the Agave, the other most important natural ingredient that imparts amazing taste is the pure spring waters of Atotonilco El Alto. Legendary in their purity and healing properties, these waters give life to the surrounding agave fields and our tequila.To get the most of our Mosto, it goes directly into a fermentation tank where a proprietary yeast is added. Then we’re back to going slow – letting the yeast do its work for a few days and getting our fermentation on. Hello alcohol.”
  1. The Distillation – “From there, the liquid is ready to be double-distilled by passing through a stainless and then copper still for finishing. Our distillation is a 17-hour process and the industry standard is 3.5 hours. Hello Tequila.”
  1. The Aging – “Now we have our tequila, the final steps determine what expression it will become. 

For Blanco, it’s off to the stainless steel tanks for 2 months before bottling. 

For Reposado and the Añejo, its gravity poured into charred American white oak whiskey barrels and rested from 7 months to 7 years.”


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