We’re doing something different for the tasting this week – we are going to taste a group of wines from one family – The Middleton Family.

They are land owners of vineyards in Washington and parts of California.  In the past, they have sold their fruit to wineries, but now they are making wines as well at a stunning price.

After tasting the wines, I quoted them a price for buying twice as much as they were seeking and they ACCEPTED!

These wines sell on their website for $25, but we will be offering them for $16.99!  These wines represent a great value and when you buy 3 bottles we will give you 10% off.

This will be a blast as we will be tasting  a Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Syrah from two different states, but from one family.

see YOU this weekend at Cooper!


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