Three French Wines and One American Favorite

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Domaine des 3 Versants Muscadet 2015

#1 - domaine des 3 SQUAREThe winery has been owned by the Bretonniere family for 4 generations. Located on the banks of the Sevre River, the estate owns 15 hectares (37 acres) of choice, densely planted vineyards on pure schist soils.

The term “Versants” means hillsides. Bretonniere’s vineyard practice is lutte rainsonee, whereby a balanced natural ambiance is maintained and treatments are kept to an absolute minimum. The vines average 30 years of age, with the oldest parcel being 70 years old. Winemaker Yves Bretonniere harvests his grapes by hand and then ferments in temperature- controlled, stainless-steel vats. They only use native yeasts. After fermentation, the Muscadet is kept on its lees (the dead yeast cells that ate the sugar during fermentation) in tanks in the domaine’s underground cellar, through the winter, to preserve its freshness and fruity acidity.

The Wine: “The Domaine des 3 Versants Muscadet offers crisp, lively citrus and mineral flavors and a bouquet reminiscent of the sea. This dry, zesty and electrically fruity Muscadet is a perfect match for oysters, scallops, all hors d’oeuvres, and curried Thai and Indian dishes.”

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Notre Dame Cotes du Luberon Rose 2015

#2 - notre dam SQAUREThe wine has vibrant pink color with tints of orange. Perfumed and floral, with sweet strawberry, flowers, mint, and cherry blossom aromas. Hits the palate with freshness, elegant texture, bright acidity and a clean, dry profile. Beautiful mineral notes add complexity to the medium-bodied, well-balanced, and lively finish. Harvested overnight, fermented at very cold temperatures, and rested on the lees before bottling. Undergoes a partial malolactic fermentation to add texture and finesse. Drink alongside traditional Mediterranean dishes such as couscous, paella, ceviche, and anything from the sea. Also works well as an aperitif. The wine is 90% Grenache and 10% Syrah.

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Bliss Estate Bottled Zinfandel Mendocino, CA 2013

The “Bliss Estate” property was purchased in the 1930’s.

#3 bliss estate SQUAREThe art of winemaking at Bliss Family Vineyards starts with the land and the grapes: the careful marriage of vineyard to varietal; sustainable growing practices; harvesting in the cool of the morning to bring the grapes’ true character to your table. We process our grapes the day they are picked, in small lots to intensify the fruit. The Bliss wines are produced to be fruit forward, food friendly offerings that show depth and character.

Taste: We source our Bliss and Feliz vineyards for this Estate Zinfandel. With aromas of cherries and allspice, you are welcomed by red fruit flavors. The mid-palate is round with berry notes dominating; the finish has soft tannins with of hint of vanilla.

Pair with your favorite pizza to anything on the barbecue. Perfect with a meat lovers pizza, pork tenderloin, or enjoying a glass on its own.

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Le Haut- Medoc d’Issan 2010 Red Bordeaux

#4 - le haut SQUAREChateau d’Issan is one of the oldest wine producing properties in the Medoc as well as in all of Bordeaux. In 1152, the wine produced by what we know of as Chateau d’Issan today was served for the royal wedding between Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Henri II. This makes Chateau d’Issan one of the oldest estates in Bordeaux that has continued to produce Bordeaux wine in the appellation. In the late 1400’s the vineyards were known as Teobon. Jumping ahead a few centuries to the 17th century, the estate was bought by d’Essenault.

The name, d’Issan is based on an early phonetic spelling of d’Essenault. d’Essenualt was a member of Parliament, a knight and the owner of Chateau d’Issan. He began an extensive program of rebuilding, renovating and redesigning the Bordeaux wine property. Eventually he built a new castle on the property and continued his construction projects until the French Revolution. During the revolution, d’Issan was confiscated until it was sold at auction.

2010 vintage is considered one of the greatest, if not, the greatest vintage to ever come out of Bordeaux. Consequently, the prices of 2010 will continue escalate every year. This is a fantastic Bordeaux to drink now or to cellar.

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