We hope you enjoy our latest podcast about Irish Whiskey!

Notes from the podcast:

4 Things That Caused the Decline of Irish Whiskey

1 – World War 1 disrupts shipping of Irish Whiskeys (1914-1918)

2 – The United States begin Prohibition (1920)

3 – Ireland gains independence from England, in turn, England no longer allows Irish Whiskey into the country (1921)

4 – The Great Depression sends shockwaves throughout the Industrialized World, forcing more distilleries to close (1929-1939)


Irish Whiskey is the FASTEST growing spirit category in the world.

Due to a higher sugar content, longer aging process, and lower alcohol by volume, Irish Whiskey is much easier to drink than Scotch, American, and Canadian whiskies.

The word whiskey means “water of life.”

The first use of distillation was brought to Europe by Irish monks returning from the Mediterranean.

Why is Jameson so popular?

Jameson makes over 70% of the Irish Whiskey consumed in the United States. This goes back to a marketing campaign where they started going into bars and telling bartenders, “We don’t want this to be a mixology whiskey, we want this to be a shooting whiskey.”


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