The beautiful wines of the Piedmont region will be the highlight of our weekend tasting.  THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, 5-7PM!

And we’re very fortunate to welcome Italian Wine Importer ~


Giuseppe Bosco, of Terra Madre Wine Importers


After 10+ amazing years of restaurant ownership in the Vail Valley, Giuseppe Bosco and his wife Alisha decided to start a new chapter in the midst of a pandemic!  Giuseppe had been in the biz for 35 years, and with family time with daughter Gaia (hence the name Terra Madre) so precious, it had become clear that it was time for a change.  Their newest business venture, selling Italian wine & gastronomical products had been a dream of theirs for years, ever since they were married at a winery in Tuscany in 2009.  Bosco hails from Naples, Italy and had studied Italian wine since he was a teen working in fine restaurants throughout Europe.   


Piedmont (Piemonte) enjoys a top seat among the world’s very finest wine regions. Located in northwest Italy it is the home of more DOCG wines than any other Italian region, among them such well known and respected names as Barolo, Barbaresco, and Barbera d’Asti. Although famous for its austere, tannic, and floral red wines made from Nebbiolo, Piedmont’s greatest success story in the past decade has been sweet, white, sparkling Moscato d’Asti. 

Piedmont sits, as its name suggests (pied = foot, mont = mountain), at the foot of the Western Alps, which encircle its northern and western sides. The alps form the region’s naturally formidable border with Provence to the west and, via the Aosta Valley, Switzerland’s mountainous Valais to the north. 

Deltetto Roero Arneis San Michele 2020

The WineryOurs, is a family of vine growers since late ‘800s, when our great-great grandfather produced the first bottles of Nebbiolo and Barbera in his farmstead located in the fraction I Lioni in Canale.

In 1953 our grandfather Carlo, known as Carlin, with his wife Catterina, decided to establish a winery in the heart of Roero region, Canale, continuing his family tradition, with a glimpse to the Langa of Barolo.

Since 2017 our production is certified organic and in 2018 we were awarded for our commitment in preserving the environment.

The Region – Roero is a small DOCG wine district in the hills of Piedmont, northwest Italy. It is known particularly for its refreshing white wines made from Arneis, but also for its bold, fragrant reds made from Piedmont’s signature red wine grape, Nebbiolo. The area takes its name from the Roero family, powerful bankers who were extremely influential here in the Middle Ages.  Cooper’s Rice $19.99 – 3btls M/M $17.99

Curto Marco Barbera d’Alba 2020 –

The Winery – Curto is a small winery located in La Morra and they are some of the sweetest friends that we have in Langhe Region. Nadia is the actual generation of winemaker after Marco, her dad, started several years before in this beautiful corner of this wine Region called Annunziata di La Morra. They produce only red wines and their top wine is their Barolo from the Arborina Cru.  They are now working in total organic philosophy since few years ago and even on cellar their work in a total natural way with lowest amount of sulfites possible (less the 5% of the total amount allowed for law) and no yeast added, but using the natural ones from the grapes

The RegionThe Alba viticultural area covers both the town of Alba and the surrounding Langhe hills (see Langhe), and overlaps with those of Piedmont’s two most famous red wines – Barolo and Barbaresco. All around Alba, are the kind of rolling hills which have come to symbolize the Piedmontese landscape. Barbera vines thrive in the chalky, limestone-rich clay soils here. Cooper’s Price $22.99 – 3btls M/M $20.69

Marchesi Alfieri Sansoero Grignolino 2020

The WineryThe Marchesi Alfieri is a historical winery settled in the baroque castle of San Martino Alfieri between Langhe, Monferrato, and Roero hills. Giovanna, Antonella, and Emanuela run the company since 1983, with Mario Olivero acting as the chief winemaker and director of the company since 1999. The company owns 21 hectares (52 acres) You can find history, wine culture, and warm hospitality, all at the same estate here.Marchesi Alfieri has been awarded by the Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines and Gambero Rosso for their wines.

Grignolino grapes, a typical Piedmontese vine traditionally grown in the Monferrato Asti area. The name Grignolino derives from “grignola”, a dialect term used to indicate grape seeds, more numerous in this variety than others.  Produces light refreshing wines with brilliant acidity.  You can chill this wine.

The Wine – Light ruby red colour, a delicate aroma of violet, and rose and raspberry scents. Full, slightly tannic flavor with a pleasing almond finish. Food pairing: appetizers, salami and cold cuts, pasta dishes, white meats and oven baked or smoked fish.

Cooper’s Price $22.99 – 3btls M/M $20.69

Burzi Barolo 2015

Barolo is a traditional village in Piedmont, northwest Italy. The hills of the surrounding area have long been famous for producing fragrant, tannic red wines which take its name. These are made entirely from the Nebbiolo grape variety.

The Winery The Barolo from the house of Burzi is obtained from vines in La Morra. It is characterized in particular by its wonderful Nebbiolo nose, violets, rose petals and some forest soil.
Alberto is one of the youngest Barolo winemakers in Piedmont. But you can taste his passion and his will to conjure up the best of the grapes into the bottle with traditional craftsmanship.

The Wine – aromas of violet and rose pedals are very distinctive with subtle raspberry and forest floor.

The elegance of this vintage is very evident while the finish is long.  Do yourself two favors; one, buy a bottle and keep it 10-30yrs (depending on your age) and two, buy another one and have it with a ribeye! Cooper’s Price $54.99 – 3btls M/M $49.49