Selection by Gary Cummins

Sensual “Organic” Pinot Noir Rose for your Thanksgiving feast or anytime!

2020 Gerard Bouley Sancerre Rose “Sibylle” (Loire Valley – France)

Only 200 cases a year are made of this gorgeous Rose, crafted from 35-40 year-old Pinot Noir vines on the steep clay hillsides of Chavignol. Unlike many Sancerre Roe, Gerard harvests this Pinot specifically to make rose by direct press, then into tank. It is not a selection a selection of young vines as he has no young Pinot vines. What makes the Rose one year could make the red another and vice versa, depending on what the vintage gives.

Highly perfumed and accented with minerality, the noes brings strawberry, nectarine, melon and orange zest. On the rich, zippy palate, look for vibrant red berry, rhubarb, tart cherry, white peach, and mouth-watering acidity with a stunning lengthy finish.

Gerard adds no yeast and little SO@ during vinification. He describes his role as one of “surveillance”, to make certain nothing goes wrong. In general, he works by instinct, “au feeling” because he wants “to let the wine live” and tries not to interfere with the natural process. “C’est la nature qui le vin” (Nature makes the wine). Though not certified ”Organic” the winery has practiced organic farming and winemaking dating back to 1990, in compliance with regulations set forward for “Organic” certification.

Note: in honor of his granddaughter, born in 2017, Gerard has decided to give a “cuvee” name to this rose “Sibylle” The history of the Bouley family as grape growers in the Loire Valley dates back to 1380.

Price $22.99 | Case Price $18.39

Staff @ Cooper are very excited to share this unique Pinot Noir with you!

2020 Lady of The Sunshine “Chene Vineyard” Pinot Noir (Edna Valley – California)

“I’ve drawn inspiration from my home. Family and from the regions and other winemakers. I’ve worked with in France, New Zealand, Oregon and Napa. My personal growth in my trade is inspired by old world winemaking techniques from a simple time when less was more.” California native Gina Hildebrand established the label of “Lady of the Sunshine in 2017, with a focus on regenerative, organic and bio-dynamic farming in pursuit of making natural wines that reflect the purity of the place they come from. Gina farms full time, the 6.5 acre “Chene Vineyard,” located in the Edna Valley Appellation, four miles from the Pacific Ocean. Since taking over in 2018, the vineyard is now Demeter certified biodynamic. The 2020 vintage is a 50/50 split of Dijon Clone 667 & 115 from the steepest hillside blocks four miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Fermented using native yeast, natural acidity, minimal amounts of sulfur and neutral French Oak barrels. The wines are moved off the lees only once for bottling and are always bottled “unfined” and “unfiltered”. This wine is made with intention, love and a deep respect for the land, carrying the spirit of a place.

“Medium bodied – think crushed raspberries, violets and dried rose petals.”

Price: $42.99 | Case Price $34.39