Bunnahabhain – “The Mouth of the River”

Featuring: Bunnahabhain Toiteach A Dhá

The Bunnahabhain (Boo-nah-ha-venn) distillery sits on the northern coast of Islay on the shores of its namesake bay, which gives literal meaning to the translation of Bunnahabhain, which means “mouth of the river”. Founded in 1881, this distillery is known for its delicate single malts, distinctly different from the robust and smoky, peat-influenced whiskies typically produced on the island. Bunnahabhain’s tradition of using unpeated, or lightly-peated barley tends to create a more oily rich texture, showcasing the malt and subtle saline characteristics. It is a very distinctive dram.

In this blog, we are featuring the Bunnahabhain Toiteach A Dhá. This special bottling is more of a departure from the standard unpeated Bunna-malts. The Toiteach A Dhá is a limited release, as part of Bunnahabhain’s “Mòine” line of whiskies. The Móine lineup is produced to showcase a peat smoke treatment characteristic of most Islay drams. While the team at Bunnahabhain may be slightly “out of their lane,” so to speak, with this heavily-peated whisky, it would be unwise for any smoky Scotch lover to pass up.

From the website:

Meaning ‘Smoky Two’ in Scots Gaelic, Toiteach A Dhà is a sequel to the original peaty paradox on Bunnahabhain’s gentle single malt. To create this Mòine variant, our Senior Blender, Dr. Kirstie McCallum selected a combination of ex Bourbon and Sherry casks which were matured in full, in our coastal warehouses on Bunnahabhain Bay.

Maturation in Oloroso Sherry casks gives the Toiteach A Dhá a familiar warmth, and round sweetness; a profile that perfectly integrates with Bunnahabhain’s signature flavor and style. Aromas of coastal sea spray mingle with caramelized banana, dates, and vanilla bean. On the palate, a nutty sweetness and rich oily texture blends harmoniously with a distinctly-Islay peat smoke, leather, and a slight peppery conclusion. Lingering for a bit, the finish is full and sweet.

This whisky just makes me feel good! Like I’m sitting on the remote, rocky coastline of Islay, looking out to sea, off into the ever-distant horizon, with the only worry on my mind being the volume of Scotch left in my glass. Sláinte!