1. Domain Begude Terroir 11300 Chardonnay

Cooper’s Price $14.99

This wine is from Haute Vallée de l’Aude in Languedoc-Roussillon, France at the foot of the Pyrenees and made from 100% Chardonnay grapes.

The wine is organic.  It has the freshness of citrus in combination with flavors of apple and pear. The wine has a fine structure with subtle minerality and a light creamy finish.

Kevin’s Notes:  This is my favorite Chardonnay at this price.  It has incredible layers of flavor and amazing texture.  We will sell this Chardonnay in the store until the wholesaler runs out.

2. Les Trois Couronnes Côtes-du-Rhône

Cooper’s Price $12.99

 This Cotes du Rhone is the reflection of its charming village of Provence, named Tulette, impregnated with history. It is a marriage of two grape varieties, Grenache and Syrah. It is an elegant and round wine in the pure tradition with aromas of black berry, vanilla and pepper. It offers a generous and fleshy mouth with rounded elegant tannins. The finish is persistent with notes of fruits and spices.

Kevin’s Notes:  This is one of the best buys in the store as it is a strong example how Cooper Wine and Spirits deals with so many smaller wholesalers in order to give you outstanding value!  We sold about 40 cases of this wine as a rose and I expect the same with this red.

3. Vigneti, Monleale Vigneti Massa Barbera 2011

Cooper’s Price $27.99

 Producer: Walter Massa is the real deal: a contadino (farmer) with deep family roots in his native Colli Tortonesi who’s usually plowing his vineyards or buzzing around his cellar when someone arrives for a visit.  His village of Monleale is in the southeast corner of Piemonte, Italy.

Massa is universally known as the Maestro of Timorasso — he rescued it from obscurity and near-extinction and now leads a mini-renaissance of the variety in the Colli Tortonesi. But he also produces amazing and distinctive reds from the local varieties Barbera, Croatina, Freisa, and Nebbiolo. Besides being one of Italy’s truly great producers, he’s a stellar example of what the Italians call a personaggio — a real personality.

Kevin’s Notes:  One of the few Barbera’s that age and become more complex. This is an “important” Barbera with the structure and complexity to accompany stronger dishes, including stews and game.  STUNNING – One of a kind!!!  Due it’s subtle funk, it is one of my favorite Italian reds in the store

4. Purlieu, “Le Pich” Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Cooper’s Price $49.99


Purlieu means “the edge of the forest” or “an outlying area.” Directly, it is a reference to our home base in the new Coombsville AVA, at the edge of the forest and the entire Napa Valley. Symbolically, “purlieu” refers to our approach to winemaking, to exploring the outskirts and navigating the boundaries of what one may expect of a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. For us, the key to successfully walking that edge lies in maintaining balance: between innovation and tradition, confidence and restraint, depth and refreshment.

Purlieu’s sister label, Le Pich, gets its name from a Wappo Indian term meaning “golden eagle.” They are hunting birds, and you can often spot them above our vineyards as they soar, glide, circle and arc. They are beautiful birds — stately and impressive, but not haughty or boasting, with a nimbleness that’s inspiring. 

TASTING NOTES from the Winery

Loaded with Casis, Plum, Raspberry, and Dark Cherry. This full-bodied, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon is rich and beautifully balanced with flavors of fully ripened black and round red fruits, violets and dark rose notes, cocoa, and melted chocolate, leading to a very complex, long finish. This is everything you would expect from the winemaking team of Steve Matthiasson (vineyard manager) and Julien Fayard (Philippe Melka’s previous director of winemaking at Lail, Gemstone, Vineyard 29 and more.). Outstanding effort from a world class vintage.


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