Bernard DeFaix Chablis 2016 Kevin’s Notes: Most wine consumers do not know Chablis is actually part of the French wine growing region, Burgundy, although Chablis is not connected to Burgundy.  It is approximately 70 miles Northeast of Dijon.  The soil is heavy in limestone and mineral-rich clay.  These soil type makes for some of the world’s greatest Chardonnays. 2016 was an extremely difficult vintage with frost in April and high heats in August destroying 70% of the fruit, however, the fruit that remained was extraordinary!

The region of Burgundy has become synonymous with high quality red (Pinot Noir) and white wines (Chardonnay), rigorously protected by French wine laws designed to keep reputations and quality at a very high level.

Fourth generation from a family of vine-growers, Bernard Defaix started with 2 ha (5 acres) in 1959.

This wine is aged in stainless steel tanks so as to respect the typicity of the appellation. Defaix Chablis are characterized by their freshness, power and tenacity. Their bouquet displays a dominance of mineral notes, which are often associated with delicate touches of citrus fruit. Part of this wine is aged in oak, but I would not consider it oak-y. 

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Albastrele Blanc de Cabernet, Moldova ~ Yes, this is a White Cabernet and it’s a BLAST! ~Kevin’s Notes: All wine gets its color from the skins of the grapes as the juice ferments into wine.  That’s correct, if you squish a bunch of Cabernet or Pinot Noir grapes in your hands, you would find yourself with clear grape juice running through your fingers.

Taste:  Lively aromas of passionfruit, ripe peach, grapefruit and fresh cut grass with a fresh and firm structure. The wine is bright and brilliant with fleshy flavors and mouthfeel.  It’s a wine for everyone from the wine geek to newcomer.  Take this to a party, chilled and in a brown bag for your friends and family.  After they’ve each tasted it, remove the brown bag for them to discover a White Cabernet from Moldova!  Who would’ve thought such a wonderful wine exsists?  Cooper Wine and Spirits, that’s who!  We got a great deal on this wine so we’re passing the savings on to you!!!

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Diego Losada La Senda 1984 from Spain – Occasionally a winegrower emerges who redefines an appellation in order to show its true potential. In our opinion, Diego Losada has done just this in Bierzo. In a relatively short time, this young man has built a small bodega, gained an extraordinary understanding of his vineyards, and is employing a non-interventionist approach to both – he adds NO SULFER.  The result is his wines show an incomparable purity of fruit, with an intensity and focus that evoke the high elevation and rugged countryside of this region.

The  vineyards are in the hills of Priaranza del Bierzo, in the southwest part of the appellation. This is where the grape Mencía thrives and is most expressive. The vines are 70-90 years old and planted in clay soils incorporated with slate and trace minerals at 650 meters elevation, some of the highest vineyards in Bierzo.

Taste:  This wine is fresh with crushed cherries, orange zest, lavender, and incense, with an iron-like structure and mouthwatering acidity. Pair this vibrant and complex red with any red meats and veggies char-grilled or roasted. 

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 Esprit de Sarrail The Cite de Carcassonne IGP – was first established in 1981, it includes 25 producers, mostly working as a cooperative. Domaine Sarrail is the largest with 250 acres and one of the few selling their wine as a Domaine.

Situated between the Pyrenees to the South and the Black Mountains to the North, and declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, Carcassonne is best known for its fabulous medieval city, surrounded by massive battlements. It enjoys a privileged climatic position where the excesses of the Mediterranean climate are tempered by the coolness of the Atlantic. This special microclimate gives the wines their particular elegance and charm. The Estate was first established in 1292!!! Then, in 1980 the Sarrail family acquired the estate as they saw a great potential for the vines and terroir and much work has been done to maximize their potential. 

Taste: The wine is a blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Malbec. Moderately dense and very dark red with a thin purple rim. This young blended red possesses an attractive, clean and nuanced ripe red plum and dark cherry aroma and flavors. The wine’s initial impression is nearly full-bodied, but soft on the palate. 

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